The Beachbuddy is a great product to take along to the beach or the park! Whether you want to lay back and relax in the sun or sit up straight and read a book, the Beachbuddy is easily transformed simply by flipping over the frame. From a comfortable sun bed in less then no time to a relax seat!  Its well-rounded curves and lines ensure optimal support and comfort. Due to its low weight (1.1 Kg) and handy back straps the Beachbuddy is easy to carry.  Due to the V shape of the frame, the Beachbuddy can easily be stacked which is handy for storage at home or in the trunk of your car. Suntan lotion, keys, sunglasses, magazines or any other accessory that you take to the beach or park can safely be stored in a customized bag with zipper that is wrapped around the frame. Finally, a handy elastic strap allows you to easily and safely carry a towel or football. (bag design in cooperation with Bart Proot)

client: Pebl
product: Beachbuddy (lounge/seat) / PATENT PENDING
materials: alu profile, PVC sling, mattress, back straps, elastic strap, bag
awards: winner of 12 international design awards in New York, Los Angeles, Seoul, China